Ronsys Technologies modernized applications for many clients in multiple industry domains, some of those case studies are below.

Production Scheduler Legacy System Modernization

Ronsys Technologies helped one of its manufacturing clients to automate its production scheduling process. The client has multiple machines and multiple shifts to produce parts for the orders they receive. But their legacy system was not capable of handling this complex scheduling process. Due to this system shortfall, the client could not effectively utilize the machines and employees' time and could not deliver the products on time to customers.

Ronsys Technologies made the system discovery and developed the scheduler application to utilize machine time effectively. This application gave a greater insight to the client about the machines on the shop floor. Using this application, the client started scheduling the production of the part effectively without losing any machine productive time and was also able to increase employee productivity. This production system calculates the order delivery time before scheduling; this allows the client to schedule and produce the parts at the correct machines and deliver the products on time to the customers.

IoT Portal Digital Transformation

In small and medium Oil & Gas fields, technicians visit the remote oil wells once a day to monitor the oil production status and make any adjustments and repairs necessary to keep the oil wells productive. But if any issue occurred between the technician’s visit, the management did not have insights on any issue at the oil wells. If the problem is not reported, productivity will be lost.

Ronsys Technologies made the system discovery, developed a solution to read the sensor data from the oil wells, and developed a portal to report the status of the production equipment in real-time at very frequent intervals. Using the portal, management gets immediate information about the production status of the oil wells and can make any remediations and necessary repairs without losing productivity. The portal will provide alerts if equipment malfunctions or does not operate at the desired level so that the management can act immediately to resolve the issues.

Service Ticket Legacy System Modernization

One of Ronsys Technologies' clients in the telecom domain was using an email system to track customer issues/service tickets. This email system was ineffective in monitoring the requests' status, so management could not service the customers effectively. Also, the administration could not effectively manage the agent’s time to resolve customer issues.

Ronsys Technologies did the system discovery and fit-gap analysis to map the customer’s requirements for the new service ticketing system. Ronsys Technologies implemented the new ticketing system for the client. This new system tracks the status of every request from the customer and assigns SLA to resolve the issues promptly. Using this system, the management could get the status of every request and correct the root cause for the delay in servicing the customer requests. Using this system, management was able to effectively manage service requests and employee productivity.

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